Mapped with CC3

The community atlas project is a project where the ProFantasy community comes together and map out a complete world for everyone to use. Here, we provide all kinds of maps, from world maps to continent maps to area maps to city maps to dungeon maps and much more, and they are all hyperlinked together in an interactive atlas.

Anyone who wants to can download this atlas. The files in it are in the Campaign Cartographer 3+ map format, meaning you can easily edit the maps for your own use, to make the maps better fit your world, or you can just use it as it is, either using individual maps, or just adopt the world mapped in the atlas as your own campaign world. You can also use the maps for inspiration, and examine them to figure out how they were made. And all the maps are hyperlinked together, meaning you can navigate through the world, they are not just a bunch of random maps.  

You can view the Community Atlas here  

**Click on map for larger view